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On arrival at the venue we were pleased to see the usual warm welcome from our neighbouring members. We soon settled down to an evening of films presented by members in the two clubs.
We all wondered what we would see and what we would enjoy. No disappointment as the evening started on a “Perfect Day” from Portsdown and followed by a delightful item describing the care and training for one of the smallest breeds of pony in the country. Beethoven put in an appearance in an animated film.
Several films were shown before Chichester members did us all proud with the catering for the evening. Maybe the second half would prove a let down but....……….
Is it that we all save the best to the second half? Maybe we should be footballers. Chichester found a new Messiah as they enthralled us with a “Cardinal Sin”. We took a trip on a barge, found ourselves amused by three eggs facing a problem with a stove and boiling water, fortunately for them it only lasted a minute.
We ended the evening with two prawns, a cod and a shark only to find that the punch-line was “I found COD and I’m a PRAWN AGAIN, CHRISTIAN”.
Thanks are due to all who made a contribution to an excellent varied evening. A most enjoyable experience.
2019 at Emsworth?         Why not!

November 14

50/50 Meeting at Chichester