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October 15

Holiday Film Competition

More means less sometimes. Tonight we had just four entries from members but the more came from two of our newest members. It is always refreshing when we see films from our old and new members.
Roy started the ball rolling with his trip to Emsworth Harbour and a most creditable first showing we experienced. May we see more in the future.
Ray followed up with a trip into Portsmouth to experience the wonder of the local Royal Marines Band as they marched up and down to their own brand of marching music. Another first class attempt made even better by Ray’s steady hand held shots.
John is noted for his boat and liner trips overseas and tonight we experienced a trip to the Saint Lawrence Sea Way of Canada. Yet again, John found a way of using a sensible piece of music that held the production together. He gave us just enough information about the trip. Well done John.
Stewart took us on a journey to Shropshire, using a classy train to transport us north. First Class service with meals and drinks on the journey. Finally we arrived in Shrewsbury to visit the Annual Flower Festival giving us many views of the entries from far and wide. We were then returned home so impressed with the journey that we just had to give Stewart the prize for best in show.