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April 16

An Evening with Alan Wallbank

There was a slight change to the evening as we met up with the “three musketeers” namely Alan and his two assistants Howard and Richard. They were accompanied by a whole set of equipment to be demonstrated through the programme.

We began with a potted history of film making on a variety of film sizes ably demonstrated with short examples of films. Phil Moore helped along with a film produced on an 8 mm reel showing gliders in Singapore.

A clip made in 1939 showed us “Men on a Footplate”.

Later we were given the opportunity of trying our skills with film splicing and were pleased that our skills were no longer required with the advent of non-linear editing suites.

A final film of trains was produced with the help of a wide angle supplementary lens.

We found it remarkable that the quality of the material had not been lost with time, a suitable end to an interesting evening.