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Members were asked to come along with videos that had been completed during 2017 that may not have been seen by members or that were felt to be worthy of a second viewing.  

Six of the members produced material for what was considered to be a first class event. Malcolm started the ball rolling by taking us on a trip to see the Northern Lights and followed up with an exhilarating trip with the dogs and their sleighs. Mark gave us an insight into hidden places just of the main thoroughfare by enthralling us with his camera skills at Hilsea Moat. John took us to Gdansk while Brian revisited a production in celebration of Neil Diamond and then gave us an incite into “The Golden Years” with a selection of video clips and stills from his family over fifty years.

Mark came back with the with his skills by showing us his “Torch Runners” and Stewart showed us his version of “A Bridge too Far” that was a local project not without its own battles. Alan came up trumps by changing into a midget; well at least the locomotives were all quite small. John finished off the evening by taking us once more on one of his sea trips: this time we travelled through the locks of the Panama Canal.

April 17

Any film produced during 2017