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September 17

Mark and his new equipment

Never short of using new techniques, Mark was charged with demonstrating some of his new purchases. What a mixed bag he brought ranging from stabilizers to viewer hoods and cameras to supplementary lenses.
An introductory session took us on a journey away from the use of video cameras and into the realm of the still cameras with video output. Mark took us down the Canon road, ably demonstrating his purchase with the addition of various lenses. He showed how he could use both automatic settings on the camera in addition to having complete control over exposure, focus and the like.
Mark is noted for his photographic techniques and demonstrated a powered gimbal system allowing him to control viewing direction and pans with great effect.
He moved on to demonstrate his use of a light emitting diode array that gave him great control over the lighting of subjects all demonstrated as he had linked the camera to the club projector.
Members were also able to see some of his recent productions ably demonstrating the effectiveness of his purchases.
We thank Mark for his evening of goodies and look forward to follow-up sessions from him.
Well done Mark.