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Despite a small attendance due to members having other commitments an interesting and informative evening was held.
It was hoped that every member would have brought a short video showing the equipment that they used for editing their video clips into a presentable outcome. In the event, there were contributions from four members.

Roger started the evening with his own presentation, showing a tidy workspace with all the expected elements of computer, monitor, speakers, and drawing tablets.
Brian showed a similar set-up with three monitors for the editing suite so that he could have one monitor dedicated to the video being produced while the other two monitors showed the editing programme with the timeline spread across these screens.
Alan took us through all the elements of his video experience and it soon became obvious that he had accumulated a large amount of equipment over the years. His system used special video editing suites, namely Casablanca units, something only used by one other member.
Stewart took us through his editing products in the hope that he would not need to update the units in the near future. He had tried to future proof his editing suite by recently obtaining a new computer capable of editing all current video formats.
Thank you Roger for inspiring us with a most useful evening.

February 19

           My Editing Set-Up