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November 19

Films from Chichester and Portsdown

We were hosts to members from Chichester Club in a shared evening of films made by members from the two clubs. The evening was, of course, shared with a break during which we enjoyed the gifts provided by members from Portsdown.

We normally alternate the films presented by both clubs and so we set the ball rolling with “Nirvana” a trip along the coastline from Hayling Island to Havant; a short from Chichester saw us playing with an Invisible box.
Southwick remembered the times from past World Wars before we experienced Priory Park in Chichester before breaking for our refreshments.
We were tempted to forget global warming as we saw how nature was very resilient in replacing lost flowers. We then made a trip to London as the city voted in it’s first lady mayor. Grandad’s Shed proved to be hosting a wide range of memorabilia with grandad collecting all sorts of pedal cars.
We wondered if we should have dunked our biscuits at the interval, but no problem as we had an amusing short about the strongest biscuit for dunking. All things come to an end and it was left to an animation to send our visitors “Homeward Bound”.
A good evening that we hope to follow up in the next year’s calendar.