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October 1

Basic file management

Many occasions we ask for help on how to find the files we have transferred to our editing suite and it fell to Stewart to give us his approach.
He began by stressing that there is no correct way of solving the problem, but that what he presents is his way. Some members did not appreciate that they really needed to copy their files to the laptop or computer so that the editing programme could locate the stored files. Some of us “lost” the files when we removed the USB stick, SD Card, DV tape.

He stressed that he tried to change the file names into something recognisable. Stewart also showed how he would construct folders that meant something relevant to his editing procedure before explaining his editing techniques.

Following a short break, we settled down to viewing several of the films that had been entered for the 2018 SERIAC Festival. We were given information about a soldier before being transported by various machines to a Turkey for Christmas before experiencing a Shock Treatment that finished at a Brewery.

Members were suitably impressed with the journey.