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We started the evening by welcoming a visitor who spends part of the year here in the south and part of the year in Australia.
Brian then took us on a tour round the animation scene by visiting many of the programmes available to us but stressing that several were probably beyond the reach of our own pockets. However he showed that there were other programmes with little or no cost to the user. He concentrated the evening on Muvizu showing several finished examples ranging from Billy Connelly’s “Where’s your trousers” through “A Buck-An-Ear” before introducing some of his own creations including a version of “I look down on him” and his most recent version of “A sound of silence”.
After a short break he took us on a journey through Muvizu with several members having brought their own laptops suitably loaded with a trial version of Muvizu. Members were asked to follow general instructions on creating a character from the available models and then trying their hand at dressing the character.
Several questions arose with Brian suggesting that several of the answers could come on a later evening if there was interest in taking animation further. He offered to run a follow-up evening or set up individual sessions.
A success?
“Just wanted to thank you for an excellent evening
on Tuesday.”

November 20

Let’s get animated