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July 2

Burnley Film Makers Annual Competition

A group of members were asked to judge some 23 entries for the BFM Annual Competition and we were therefore able to share comments with the club members.
During the evening we were taken on a journey to Sandringham before moving on to Caister Castle.
Two films took us to a market in Punanga that we assumed must have been taken during a trip to Aitutaki.
Not to be out done we travelled in a motor home to Magical Scotland before revisiting Namibia.
Frank Swift lost one of his drones but was rescued by one of his relations.
It took just one minute to view a novel Fish tank displayed on a mobile phone before taking a journey to the Fossil Forest. Our final trip was to a bird sanctuary at Leighton Moss.
After a short deliberation members found an almost perfect video made by David Crossley on his trip to various places in Scotland. Comment was made that there was no mention of an orchid by David, although it was pointed out that his wife was seen smelling an orchid out in the fields.

Now we can look forward to a second session when we can view nine films in the Documentary session followed by another four that were difficult to place in a category other than Miscellaneous.

Please be sure to check the programme
for the August to December period
as there are one or two important changes.