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The evening was presented by our much travelled member Adrian Fox and while several of us might have expected still more from Africa, Adrian took us on a journey through India.

We started our journey close to the border between Pakistan and India travelling on the train to the Indian border with Burma. We even made a visit to the set of James Bond as he recorded the film Octopussy but there was no sighting of the stars from 1983. Our comments were that the journey and the sites visited were rather colourful but, as expected, were very busy.

No visit would be complete unless you journeyed into the tea fields and so we took a trail to three cities near Darjeeling. We experienced the culture of the area around Varanasi seeing the preparations for the cremation of this e who had recently died.

A further train journey of some eleven hours took us through the region of Assam. We were glad that Adrian had done his editing of his recorded material but would not have missed the chance to see the elephants and white rhino on our travels.

Once more we are pleased that Adrian was able to take us on a journey that many of the members are unlikely to experience first hand.

Thank you Adrian.

October 2

An evening with Adrian Fox