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The challenge was for members to present items relating to working at close distances and also using ground level shots.
Stewart started the ball rolling with a demonstration of various lenses that could be used to vary the focus of a camera. He demonstrated the use of close up supplementary lenses; interchangeable lenses as often found with digital SLR cameras; using extension tubes all with the help of a compact led supplementary light.
Malcolm came along with a micro-lens that could be used on a telescope or microscope. Then followed a demonstration of a robot that had a small video camera on board and was controlled from a laptop. He also showed the versatility of a fairly cheap endoscope.
Brian showed how he had used a macro lens to copy small logos onto a timeline when producing a short film about Houston. He followed this by showing how he had used controls on his Panasonic video camera to pull focus between a spider and the surrounding tree leaves.
Mark came along with a thistle focused at about two inches from the camera-lens.
Alan had seagulls very close and low while showing magpies fighting. We saw a bee on a flower-head and an ant on the ground. He ended with very low shots of cars and trains before taking us on the lowdown of Portsmouth Harbour.

September 4

Close up and Ground Level