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All members were in attendance for the Annual General Meeting at which the Chairman noted that we had lost two of our long standing members over the past twelve months in the death of Peter Crawley and the resignation of Roger Newell. Several members were thanked for their contribution to the various meetings over the past year. Particular mention was made to the joint meeting held with Chichester with both sides accepting that the event was most enjoyable.
The Treasurer gave a full report of the financial affairs and in his report specially mentioned the tremendous work and support he had received from Roger Newell. Members were warned of the possible expenditure that could be incurred over the next twelve months although he stressed that the balances were sound. Subscriptions for the coming twelve months were to remain unchanged.
With the departure of Roger as Secretary the following were approved for the next twelve months: Stewart Newell as Chairman; Brian Aspden as Treasurer and Ray Hepworth as Secretary.
The programme was discussed with various suggestions for meeting content duly noted. It was also suggested that there should be two meetings in December 2018 and one meeting in January 2019.
The following expenditure was proposed and approved: the purchase of replacement active speakers.

After a short break, Stewart led us through the use of various cameras and introduced us to the various formats being used. He demonstrated that the camera didn’t make the production but rather that a good camera operator was more able to produce good quality video footage with a poor camera.

April 3

Annual General Meeting: Any other items