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December 3

Short Film Competition

The challenge  for the evening was to show off your talent in a film lasting no more than five minutes. Tonight saw four entries from members with a mixture of topics and presentations.

Mark started the evening with a set of tractors, old and new, found at a very recent South Hants Tractor Run.
Alan followed on with a visit to an estate in Havant as he trekked the footpaths of Leigh Park.
Brian produced an animation of a trip to Italy by five Germans in an Audi Quattro only to find problems at the Italian Border.
The final entry was from Stewart who showed his carefully produced video of “A bump in the night”. We were all amazed at the way the star took a knife to defend his property only to be enthralled at his cake cutting adventure. There could only be one winner and here we found our best of the night. Well done Stewart.

Several suggestions were offered for the programme of 2020 and the evening ended with some more short films from SEAC.