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In typical fashion Alan came up with an entertaining evening that demonstrated his own abilities of producing most acceptable videos. Not content with his features with railways, we were faced with a set of videos new to most of the members.

We began our travels with various views of the ultimate closure of a quite decorative cinema before being whisked off on the back of a motorcycle to see the escapades of riders who gathered together to take part in the Gales Run. Many of us had a nostalgic look at motorcycles from a bygone era seeing the names of Triumph, AJS, Ariel and Norton to name but a few.
It seemed that our next visit was to a wartime story although we soon found that “A Bridge Not Too Far” did not reflect the name of the war film with a name not too dissimilar. Copner Bridge was our stopping off point where we heard of Trolley Buses and a music school only to be interrupted by cheers from the local as Kane scored for England.
Finally, we were transported to Cuba to experience the locals taking part in pig roasting and a carnival. Not to be disappointed Alan managed to include a local railway.
A most varied and delightful evening experienced by those in attendance. Our heartfelt thanks go to Alan.

July 3

An Evening with Alan Wallbank