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September 3

Adobe Photoshop or Affinity Designer

This evening was an opportunity to compare the merits of Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer with Brian taking the lead. He explained the merits of vector production against pixel usage, showing that it was often useful to use images for satisfactory enlargement. WE saw how easily Adobe Photoshop could be integrated with Adobe Premiere but pointed out that many had turned their backs on Adobe products since the decision for using Adobe Cloud.

After a short break we were taken through some of the early concepts of using Affinity Designer and found some merit in being able to compose new shapes from existing basic forms. This led to us experimenting with the easy to use pen tool before trying our hand at tracing Disney Characters.

There was far too much to discover, leaving some of us wishing for more. In the end it was felt that there was merit in a future evening taking our skills still further.

Next meeting gives Mark an opportunity to share with us his use of new gadgets that help him to produce magnificent videos. Come and share an interesting and stimulating evening with Mark.