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November 5

Members Films

We welcomed back several of our past members for an evening of films both old and new. We also welcomed a prospective new member who came to try us out.

We began with an animated version of Simon & Garfunkel’s Homeward Bound and followed with a visit to Grandad’s Shed providing us with transport home. A classical setting followed for a set of squirrels before we travelled down under on a doomed flight from Canada.

Our travels took us back to 1897 with the Victorian Park treasure of a Carillion Tower before receiving a reminder of the power of nature in restoring an old railway path. Chichester was given a visit as we travelled on the waterways of the ship canal.

Nirvana took us along a second renovated rail track on Hayling Island. Then we met up with a Churchill look alike as we visited Southwick for their World War II memories. We moved on swiftly with Mark’s new toy providing delightful shots in Langstone. We ended a successful evening with an animation of Brian May singing “Love of my Life”.

One task remained and that was to decide on a programme of films for our next meeting when members from Chichester Film and Video Makers join us for a sharing of films from both clubs.