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August 6

Burnley Film Makers Annual Competition

This evening gave us a chance to see the second set of entries in Burnley’s annual competition. It was down to the categories of Documentaries and Miscellaneous titles.
Six films tookus to Foulsheugh with Keith providing an interesting opening. Not to be outdone, David showed us how he had made changes to his garden before taking us back to another garden h had visited over the years. Kamen Bryag followed with us being unsure where this was filmed. Mike took us to see a group of bears and then Frank took us for lunch with a view; congratulations are due to the solo cameraman producing a good story. Keith provided a second entry with his superb photography of cliff birds. Our next was again provided by Keith as he took us on a journey of trams ancient and not so new. Our final entry was another from David; this time taking us on a journey through the Dales using a little white bus.
Our final group was of four titles. A video postcard was an interesting attempt that concentrated on a single shot of a fountain in a roundabout. Just good pals gave us an incite into a strange interloper with a farmer and his sheep. David took us on a trip along a shore line demonstrating his careful camera work and imaginative compilation. The final was brought by some Raining Crumbs, an experiment in using progressive rather than interlaced footage. We felt that the production left us with more questions than answers.
Thank you Burnley Film Makers for showing us what you can do. Try as we might we could not fault our best in show of David with his Magical Scotland.