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This evening saw an attempt at satisfying those fairly new to video editing. Unfortunately we had several members who had other commitments but what we lacked in quantity was made up by the quality of those in attendance.
We began with a short presentation from Brian in which he explained a method of trying to make things simpler to follow using a three stage approach. It soon became obvious that those who were long in the tooth had already found their own method that worked for them. Brian emphasised that there were many different approaches and it was a case of using an approach that suited the user.
At the next stage he demonstrated placing video clips onto a special folder on the laptop before then using these files for loading into Premiere. He demonstrated a way of editing a short series of clips on the timeline and also referred to the source monitor as an alternative method of cutting clips.
Mark followed by demonstrating the ease with which an editing procedure could be followed using Sony Vegas Studio. He showed a simple way of adding effects to clips; how to change the speed of the clips being used and how to modify the audio files.
We found that there was so much material that we could have carried on for many more hours but not to be.
More editing nights may be required at future dates.

February 6

Edting with Premiere and Sony Vegas