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Our first meeting of 2018 saw several members missing due to having other commitments. This was a little disturbing as it was the date for our annual film competition with an opportunity to show off our skills with productions edited during 2017.
Nevertheless, we were able to see the results of six of our members and were impressed by the showings of the night.
Alan presented an interesting item on miniature steam railways. Stuart gave us a day out showing innovating filming and later followed with a perfect day which ended with a cosy drink by a wood fire. Mark came along with the story of the burning of the South Parade Pier using an easy to follow voice over. Brian was helped by Queen with a set of funny notices from a variety of sources. Malcolm had two productions with the first looking at chimney pots in Emsworth and the second being shot in France with water fountains producing a mirror effect. Frank took us on a short journey through Arne Nature Reserve.
Phil, one of our newer members, willingly accepted the task of commenting upon the entries and in announcing his declared winner of Alan with the miniature railway film.
While there was only one winner, it was generally accepted that each entry had its own merit and so you could consider that there were eight winners with one recognised as “best in show”.

January 16

           Members Annual Competition