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This evening we were entertained by Adrian Fox who always manages to take us on a trip through areas of regions in Africa that most of the members have never entertained in their own journeys. Our first journey took us on “The Road to Timbuktu” Adrian ably filled in the background of an area often known as the back of beyond. It was designated as a world heritage property, being a major trading and Islamic intellectual centre in the 15th and 16th centuries and situated on the southern fringe of the Sahara desert in Mali.
Our second trip took us away from Africa with us ending up at “A Night at the Opera”. An interesting experience of a Chinese Cafe having its own stage area gave us an insight into typical dancing to percussive sounds.
We took a short break before returning to Africa to meet up with several of the Tribes of Ethiopia. On our journey we viewed houses depicting the faces of elephants, saw pelicans and crocodiles before meeting the farming communities of the Konso and battling with floods near Jinka. In visiting the Kara tribe we saw termite hills reaching some 25 feet into the sky experienced the driving skills of a driver negotiating cattle being herded down the roads. We understand that no trip to the region can really be complete until you experience the ferry across the river only to find that the ferry was a hollowed out log.
Thank you Adrian for taking us on the journey but I guess that most of us will pass on the chance of taking such a journey.

March 6

An evening with Adrian Fox