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In introduction Brian stressed that there is more than one way to edit material and he was presenting one method. He began by suggesting that there was a three stage process in which you capture your material, process it and then publish the same. He suggested that the material could be obtained from several sources such as VHS tapes through to memory cards. We saw short clips of material obtained from past TV shows; a demonstration of capturing from DV tapes; and transfer of clips from solid state devices.

An example timeline was show using several tracks of video and audio clips before seeing how to use a single timeline to edit a short sequence of captured clips. Further demonstrations dealt with adding music and voice-over together with simple titling all using various separate programmes although Brian suggested that many of the existing editing programmes had adequate facilities for most purposes.

While not moving on to demonstrate how to “publish” the material we saw examples of storage facilities ranging from DVD through to Blu-Ray and USB sticks.

The evening raised an informative question and answer session.

August 7

Basic Editing: import; getting started