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A new year started with a programme of films from the 2017 and 2018 Showreels of the South East Region of the Film and Video Institute and in celebration of Christmas 2019, we began with “Miracle on the  Mantlepiece” showing the Christmas Cards coming to life. This was followed by “Seven Sisters at Sunset” that used a series of clips shot from a drone and supplemented with a variety of sound  effects.

Two song renditions followed with Flanders and Swann’s “The Gas Man Cometh” using clever video clips illustrating the song. Not to be outdone we then saw one of our own productions with Bernard Cribbens “Hole in the Ground”.

Changing the mood took us “To Eleanor” an interesting film with a twin sister coming to terms with  the death of the other twin, and then on to a well produced “Who do you think you are” charting the ancestry of a cat and ending with some amusing animation of “Cats” song clips.

After a short break we visited “A 1940’s Experience” and followed this with an amusing short with two old timers discussing a hearing aid.

Our final sequence of films let us “Meet Dexter” before we had a “Bush Walk” in Australia. After a short flight northwards we arrived at our “Travel Companion” spending a holiday in a Prison.

An informative documentary closed the evening by taking us into London to a “Green Space” often called Hyde Park.

Should we do this again.

Yes please!

January 7

           SERIAC Festival Films