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May 7

An Evening with Adrian Fox

Adrian never disappoints and so we looked forward to our usual trips to Africa and India: but no. He started by taking us back in time to his first film shot with his first digital camera and so he took us to South America on a journey through Peru and ending in Bolivia. We were expecting shots of the locals and were not disappointed as we glimpsed the llamas who seemed very happy to mix in with the local sheep.
Our next journey took us over the ocean before arriving in Iran. At first we might have assumed that we were in New York a Tehran streets seemed full of yellow taxis. The scenery was different with the local buildings being highly decorated. Adrian gave us an insight into a country that always seems at odds with the west. He stressed that he always found the people very friendly and he noted that they had a supply of running water that emanated in the hills and mountains of the surrounding area.
Not to be outdone, we began in Vancouver and travelled with Adrian to Yellowstone seeing the geyser in Idaho on the way to Buffalo and then Seattle.
Finally we were transported to Indonesia taking a boat trip and viewing the local fishermen, the drying copra and the Indonesian canoes. The children entertained us with a song and dance routine before Adrian excelled with some underwater footage.

There is no doubt that Adrian and his wife are well travelled and we thank them for our chance to see some of the sites beyond our reach.