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A mixed bag of tricks this evening saw Stewart returning from his time away and picking up the threads with a session dealing with how to add music to a video before looking at adding other audio files. He began by explaining his own approach to adding music to the timeline and then editing the video clips to match the beats of the music after using a programme called MixMeister BPM Analyzer. The programme gave a guide for cutting the video clips to appropriate points.
He pointed out that adding a voice-over can often produce problems if not done well and so he emphasised getting close to the microphone so as to reduce external noises and get a better quality. He also pointed out that a music track needed to be reduced during other audio tracks and showed how Vegas helps with this process. While not dwelling on titling, he reminded the members that this had been well covered in earlier meetings.
After a short break Brian showed some of his acquired knowledge with a programme called Muvizu and so we were treat to a newer version of the sketch “I know my place” after seeing a production of “I’m a lumberjack” and the dog who “Was not Michael Caine”. He showed a short clip made by an Adobe programme that had been used in the production of an animated series on “Mr. Bean”
An interesting programme with new and old hands able to take away some new ideas.
Please note that the next meeting is the AGM and in a slight change, we will be looking at Cameras, file formats and output for videos. April 17th  will be used for any Films produced in 2017.

March 20

Adding music, titles and Audio